About Me

I’ve been working in web development this entire century, but I also come from an artistic background which goes back even further.  My career began in marketing & print design, then it developed into web design. From that I naturally evolved into coding. With this comes a keen eye for a good design, and how a website or UI interface can be delivered, from the initial conception to the client’s browser.

running in the Southside Six
Ali Wright in black and white
running in the rain

When I’m not working/coding, I’ll be hanging out with my wife and two young kids, who certainly keep me from staring at my screen for too long!

My other interests include music, running & Formula 1, so you’ll no doubt see theses themes running through my blog.

Other ‘fun’ facts

I was a baton bearer in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, I love craft beer, hate being late & I’ve never (so far) broken a bone in my body.